Antigua remains Frustrated by Lack of WTO Actions

Antigua and Barbuda, two small nations located within the Caribbean, showed their frustration towards the United States at the World Trade Organization this week. Their frustration is relating to the fact that the WTO has yet to enforce the payment of fines levied against the U.S over the USA over banning online gambling and how their actions violated international trade laws.

Antigua took it upon themselves to take to the stage and read a statement at the WTO. During the statement it was revealed that they have yet to receive any money from the USA, which they are owed after the WTO found that America’s ban on online gambling was discriminatory and unjust.

The United States of America was first ordered to pay a total of $21 million in damages more than seven years ago. They have yet to any money they were ordered to pay due to interest that amount now exceeds $150 Million.

Antigua also noted in their statement that by allowing for the United States of America to not follow through with their obligations to pay the money not only takes away from the credibility to the WTO but also shows that larger countries could potentially do the same.

In a past statement, Antigua stated that they will begin to offer pirated US properties such as music and movies to their citizens. This will count as an alternative method of payments which has not been agreed upon by the Americans. Antigua has yet to hold up to that statement and there is no word as to if they will.

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