Blackjack Rules

The timeless popularity of Blackjack can be linked to the level of challenge and player input embedded within each and every hand.

Unlike many other types of casino gambling, the odds of winning are increased greatly by the skill and talent of the player.

How to Play Blackjack

(source: Wikipedia)

  1. The purpose of the game is to make your cards add up to more than the dealer but less than or equal to 21
  2. A card is dealt to each player around the gaming table, one at a time
  3. A second round of cards are dealt
  4. Player by player decides if they want more cards
  5. The dealer draws cards to complete their hand, if they bust the players win, if the player and the dealer total the same amount there is a stand off and no winner
  6. Kings, Queens and Jacks equal 10 points, an Ace can equal 1 or 11 depending on your hand

Player decisions are:

Hit: – Get another card from the dealer

Stand: – No card is taken by the player

Double Down: – Once you have two cards from the dealer, you can choose to double down by doubling your original bet and getting only one more card from the dealer. You will have two cards plus an extra card from the dealer.

Split: – If your first two cards are of the same value, the player can split up the pair. Two hands are created and the dealer places a bet with each hand.

Surrender: – You may be allowed this option in certain casinos. After the dealer checks for blackjack, the player can ‘surrender’ by giving half the bet up and not playing the hand out.