Democrats in New Jersey Not in Favor of Adelson

The Democrats in New Jersey expressed their opinions regarding Sheldon Adelson’s goals to ban online gambling on a federal level. Certain Democrats expressed that licensing and regulating online gambling is a choice handled by each individual state, not the federal government.

New Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney made a statement saying, “It is a disappointment to see these highly regarded members of the land based gambling industry strike down upon the online gambling industry. It shows that they fear change, New Jersey alone has been able to bring in millions of dollars throughout the course of seven months. Washington should realize that each state has the right to choose if they can offer an online gambling industry or not.”

Ray Lesniak, a well-known supporter of online gambling and a state senator in New Jersey also commented on the manner saying, “It used to be that New Jersey citizens would have to go to the dangerous online gambling black market held overseas in order to gamble online. Instead our citizens now have the opportunity to gamble legally online and know that their money is being handled in a safe manner. Unfortunately there are millions of citizens in the United States who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy a regulated online gambling industry, instead they have to venture into dangerous waters. If every state was to legalize online gambling the federal government would do the same and all American Citizens could gamble in a safe manner.”

May 2, 2014: • No Comments

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