“Lost Island” To Be Released by Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment has released information about a new slot that is coming in the next few months. This slot, “Lost Island” is based on the adaption of a lost world that holds treasure and riches. It almost gives the feeling of an astrology type slot with the symbols that are represented on the reels.

This slot is the latest in an aggressive push by Net Entertainment to increase its portfolio of slots and meet the demand of players and operators. Net Ent has seen substantial growth as a result, as more people become aware of the quality they are providing. Slot players especially find their creations to be exhilarating due to the features, many of which are unique, that Net Ent is adding to their slots.

Lost Island will include wilds, free spins and multipliers. Where this is unique is that the multiplier awarded is based on the number of wilds that appear on the screen. The maximum is 5, due to their being 5 reels. A total of 20 paylines are offered on those 5 reels and when the free spins are triggered, there is the ability to get stacked wilds on the 5th reel, thereby increasing your chances of a 5x multiplier during the free spins.

The symbols are unique and include drums, stone carvings, letters, numbers, and jewelry. All graphics are 3D like and following the tradition of Net Ent slots, extensive use of animations are included and make the game that much more rewarding when big wins are won.

The release date for Lost Island has not been made public but will be reported once made available.

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