Microgaming’s Trust Making the Difference in Lifesaving Equipment

Microgaming’s Health & Care Trust, a branch of Microgaming that focuses on making a difference in the world, announced today that they’ll be supplying an Automated External Defibrillator at all of the Union Golf Clubs on the Isle of Man.

This project was put into place as multiple people were dying at golf courses on the Isle of Man. The cause of many of those heart attacks was relating to the heat and those with heart conditions were falling victim to the heat during the warmest summer months. Bernard Gallacher, a golfing legend and a man with a heart condition, took it upon himself to begin a campaign that focused on cardiac arrest that can suddenly and without warning occur. Microgaming saw the campaign and took it upon themselves to contact Mr. Gallacher, with the end result seeing the software company donating the funds to allow for the purchasing of defibrillators being provided to each golf course in the Isle of Man, which is the location of their corporate offices.

The President of the Isle of Man Golf Union commented on this announcement, saying: “Upon hearing that every one of our golf clubs will now have a defibrillator in the main hall as well as each golf carts that are rented out is an incredible thought to say the least. Throughout my years as president, I have seen misfortunate accidents occur on the course with people suffering heart attacks. Unfortunately by the time we can reach them, it is sometimes too late. It brings great sadness to me when this happens and it is something we do not wish to see again. Thanks to Microgaming and Mr. Gallacher’s campaign, the risk of this occurring again has been greatly reduced”

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