Net Entertainment’s Arabian Night Progressive slot won for €3,332,926!

A lucky online gambler who was enjoying the popular Net Entertainment slot “Arabian Nights” found their life forever changed with the winning of its progressive jackpot. The amount of the jackpot was a very impressive €3,332,926!

Arabian Nights has remained as one of the more popular progressive slots under the Net Entertainment software. It is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot that features a variety of different features. Players can enjoy wilds, multipliers and more. It has a progressive jackpot which allows for players to win massive sums as it is a network wide progressive with players worldwide accessing it daily.

The exact name and location of the player has yet to be identified with the exception of their initials. This win is more than enough to see the winner have a much easier life, if not retire altogether. Generally the jackpot with Arabian Nights is won every 20 weeks, which is roughly the time the last jackpot was won.

The jackpot winner, who is only revealed his initials of A.L, commented on his jackpot win saying, “You know when you read articles on how players have won large progressive jackpots you always wish you could be one of those people lucky enough to win but you never think it will really happen to you. If I could put it in one word to describe how I am feeling right now it would be “shocked”. I can’t believe that I was able to win this amount of money and I plan to do many things with it. I will put a large portion of it into the bank in order to ensure my financial stability. I then intend to sit and think but will do that while enjoying an extended vacation with my wife”

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