Online Slot Machines – Variations of Slots

Easily among the most sought after online casino games are slot machines, as they have adapted perfectly to the virtual environment. Just like the slot machines in land-based casinos, there is a wide variation of choice on the internet, with each game following the basic procedure of placing a bet and spinning the reels.

However, before you begin to play you must be aware of the different slot machine rules that are out there. Each game may follow the same format, but the amount you are willing to wager will greatly dictate which game you can choose to play. Every online slot game will come with a “payout table”, highlighting the wager required for the minimum and maximum payouts.

Of course, spinning is just a matter of hitting the button or, as is the case for some online casinos, selecting “auto spin”, which will allow a player to choose the number of spins for the value of coins that have been inserted. You will also find that the majority of machines will offer “multiple coins” for each spin or “pull”.

But a big factor to consider is that of the “house advantage”. For slots, the more money you play the smaller this house advantage will be. “Paylines”, where matching symbols appear in a row or pattern, will vary in amount depending on the value of the wager you have put on the spin.

The Different Types of Slots

3 Reel Slots

When the very first slot machine was built in 1887 it was fitted with three reels and, today, this is still the most popular format for slot games. However, as much as this is a standard there are many variations of the classic 3-reel slot.
Some offer options such as “multi-paylines” and “multiple-coin” wagers, while the payout table will list what jackpots can be won. And, as is always the case, the more money you put the more likely you will see a return. Some 3-reel slot variations feature wild symbols and these can increase the chances of a payout, but with less odds than three matching symbols.

5 Reel Slots

Essentially, 5-reel slots operates in the same fashion as their 3-reel counterparts, but as there are more potential combinations there is a greater increase in playing options and jackpots can also be much larger. 5-reel slots come with multi-paylines, which range from 5 to 25 lines, as well as a number of different jackpots levels.

With more paylines available it is vital that the payout table for five reel slots is studied before placing a wager. Playing with multiple paylines means you will be able to play for multi-winning combinations. The vast majority of online casinos will have 5-reel slots that feature wild symbols as well as other incentives such as free spins.

Multiplier and Bonus Multiplier Slots

Also a common addition to online casinos are multiplier slots, which have a payout that is a basic multiple of the wager. Another slight variant are bonus multiplier slots, which have the added extra of offering a bonus to the winning combination – its value will vary from casino to casino, but will be displayed in the slots payout table.

Mega-Spin Slots

Mega spins are the biggest of all online casino slots and can use a combination of between 3 and 9 reels that are played at the same time. These slot games provide bigger payouts and, just like their smaller versions, the maximum wager will come with the best odds. The amount of winning lines available will also depend on the amount of money put in.

Progressive Slots

Although the slot games mentioned above are immensely popular for online casino players, easily the most attractive are the “progressive” slot machines. These games work by connecting a number of slots (which have been known to reach into the thousands) into a network to provide the biggest jackpots possible. Casinos can have a network connected to different games on their site or even those belonging to their affiliates.

The jackpot increases by taking a percentage of the player’s money on each spin and the prize will be won by whoever is the first to make the winning jackpot combination. After the jackpot has been awarded the game will reset to a lower figure.

Although the odds are much higher for progressive slot machines, the prizes on offer easily surpass any other slot games on the web and regularly reach into the millions. Also worth noting is that you must always insert the max amount of coins to have a chance of claiming the jackpot.

Slot machines can provide some of the greatest excitement and most lucrative prizes out of any online casino games, but knowing the rules and studying the payout table for each slot will be highly recommended if you want to hold on to your money. Remember, the golden rule to playing slots is that the money you put in the greater the chance you will see a return.