Piggies and the Wolf released by Playtech

Piggies and the WolfThe month of November has seen Playtech release another themed slot called Piggies and the Wolf. This is an adaption of the storybook known worldwide by children as The three little pigs. The slot is a 50 line offering player’s graphics that are advanced and include vivid animations to help add credit to the theme behind it.

Playtech has included a quantity of features. Those being offered within Piggies and the Wolf are wilds that are stacked on reels, piggy scatters, a unique symbol shuffle features, free games and a blow the house down bonus game that will reward players with animated actions and cash prizes.

One of the things that Playtech has made great strides of late in is its graphics. This is an area that for some time Playtech seemed to lag behind in but over the last several years have improved upon. Piggies and the Wolf offers a wonderful selection of symbols and of course, many of those offered, are in line with its theme being pigs, three different houses, wolves and more.

The real advantage for those considering playing this slot is its ability to offer massive betting opportunities. The maximum wager is $5,000 and that is something that currently, only Playtech is offering. It allows those who prefer to bet higher limits the ability to win up to $250,000 in a spin and for high rollers that is an attractive feature.

Piggies and the Wolf has gone live and can be played with any Playtech facing casino today.

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