Playtech unleashes record setting High Roller slot

The Love BoatPlaytech, a leader in the development of internet based slot games, has just released one of its newest games. This slot is geared to all players however it is also focused towards the elite sect of high roller players who look for slot games that offer the ability to place large wagers.

The newest game in this growing segment from Playtech is The Love Boat. Playtech has chosen to allow for wagers as high as $5,000 per spin and that makes the betting limits for The Love Boat one of the nets largest to date. While it is not expected that many will be able to afford the luxury of placing wagers of this size it will certainly help Playtech set the stage for attracting the nets high rollers.

Generally most slot providers limits wagers to $250 or less but there are a number who allow for larger bets. Playtech is one of those and its new slot releases all are now offering wagers of $1000 or more and that is drawing a large degree of attention, both in news releases and with players.

The Love Boat is a licensed slot that features characters from the television series and includes many popular slot based bonus features. Free games, multipliers, stacked wilds and others come can be used to help achieve big wins. The maximum single prize that can be achieved is $250,000.

Playtech has made The Love Boat live and this slot can be found at William Hill Casino and other Playtech licensed casinos.

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