Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot triggered at a mind boggling $988,405

Playtech’s progressive jackpot named as the Marvel Ultimate Jackpot was triggered at a whopping $988,405 by a lucky punter. Details of the jackpot and the winner are to be released in a short time as the player won the jackpot only a short while ago.

Playtech, a leading company in the online gaming industry has released a variety of slot games in the marvel category. These games are based on themes from the marvel comic series that include X-men, Iron man, Iron man 2, Wolverine and Hulk among many others. There are four ways for the marvel progressive jackpot. They are Power, Extra power, Super Power and Ultimate Power. All these types of progressive jackpots are triggered randomly in the game.

However, the progressive jackpots differ which means that players stand a better chance of triggering any four of the jackpots when they play with the maximum bet or when all the paylines are activated.

The slot games provide different levels of wagering requirements from as low as $0.01 to $1000 per spin. With the activation of the progressive jackpots, players are shown a grid marked with squares. To view matching symbols, the players will have to click on the squares in the grid. After this, the players are awarded with any of the progressive jackpots depending on the matched jackpot symbols.

The punter says that it was a shock to win this progressive jackpot and rumours are rife that he will invest a part of the sum and go on a holiday with the remaining amount.

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