U.S being urged to settle with Antigua

The United States is being urged to settle with Antigua the outstanding amount that was awarded to them by the WTO (World Trade Organization, which America is a member of. To date the U.S has ignored the WTO ruling blatantly refusing to make payment.

A ruling was awarded in Antigua’s favor relating to the U.S banning of online gaming. It was deemed to be unfair trading and the result saw a multi-million dollar judgement be levied against the U.S. The U.S has chosen to snub its nose at the ruling and has refused to pay. This has caused many partners of the WTO to become concerned with a number of special interest groups putting their support behind Antigua.

Those supporting the small Caribbean Island include the Council for Trade and Economic Development and the Caribbean Community. They are urging the U.S to accept the ruling and not delay payment any longer. This dispute has been going on since the UIGEA came into effect and saw thousands in Antigua, who were involved with online gaming companies, lose their jobs. It caused substantial hardship on the Antiguan economy as well.

The U.S refusal to honor and respect the decision is causing many to question the effectiveness of the WTO. The WTO has not been able to get America to comply nor removed them as a sitting member of the organization.

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